online slots for real money

To get full access to the functionality of the application, you need to log in using your username and password. Players can download the club software to their PC for free. With the installation of the software, the gamer gets a full-fledged casino with all slot machines, exclusive bonuses and promotions. The program provides uninterrupted access to slots and is not blocked by providers. Game achievements of the gamer are saved and synchronized with all versions of the club.

The program is compatible with computers running MacOS or Windows above version 7. After installing the software, the player needs to enter his personal account. If the gamer does not have an account, he can register through the downloaded program.

The club administration regularly develops new ways to help restore access to the site. In case of difficulties with entering the main page of the portal, gamers can use a mirror.

Mirror is a version of the official site with the same features, slot machines and bonuses. The mirror can be opened in the browser of a computer or mobile phone. To start the game, you need to enter your personal profile using your account login and password.

On the main page of the site, players can always find a list of current mirrors. To not sweatTo lose access to them, links can be saved in the browser settings and used if necessary. Information with links to current mirrors can be sent to customers in email newsletters. You can independently find a working version of the main site in the "Anti-blocking" section by requesting a letter with mirrors by clicking on the "Pick up a mirror" button.